Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors represents a key area of focus for Crains Technologies.

The BFSI sector today is dynamic, with a constant need to adapt to changing customer expectations and regulatory and compliance requirements. In order to succeed, Banks and Insurance companies need higher levels of automation, greater efficiency and agility in order to keep pace with market dynamics.

Our solutions are based on the latest technologies that allow the BFSI sector to adapt rapidly to industry changes and provide innovative products to the end customer, while enhancing the quality of service. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions in the area of:

Banking & Financial Services

  • Corporate Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Private Banking / Investment Management
  • Asset Management
  • Process Automation & Work flow Management


  • End to End Insurance Lifecycle Management across Life, Health and General Insurance
  • Re-insurance Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Asset Management / Fund Management
  • Revenue and Incentive Management
  • Process Automation & Workflow Management

The solutions include established Product Offerings as well as Custom Application Development for specific BFSI needs.

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