Retail & Manufacturing

Increased customer expectations and rising prices have forced the manufacturing companies to make use of IT, to restructure operations and work together with suppliers to minimize costs. Manufacturing companies are gradually focusing more on the solutions that help in improving their ROA’s, reducing operating costs, optimizing capacity and encouraging operational brilliance. Planned IT advantages of Crains Technologies provide calculated IT merits, across all phases of operations, for companies in an extensive range of industries like:-

  • Consumer goods
  • Industrial controls
  • High technology
  • Pharmaceutical and Process

We bring along well-built technology and business focused competence in enterprise resource planning, supply chain integration, and customer relationship management. Various benefits are derived from Crains Technologies, when it comes to the solutions that assist our clients to :-

  • Keep up the profitability
  • Work together across their supply chain
  • Optimize their production process and
  • Incorporate operational requirements with enterprise-level decision processes.