Why Us

Our range of clients' pan in from every section of the map. Enlarge any area and you will find our contended customers. Crains Technologies believe that the important information is an asset, which can provide a break-through in attaining the number one position in this field. We offer an array of services in totality.

With rich experience in varied domains, we aim at drawing attention to our work from the clients end and thereby satisfying them by the abundant collection that we have in terms of the services, we provide. With a variety facilitated system we have furnished to all scales and brands of businesses and also communicated our expertise to a range of customers worldwide. The variety in our portfolio has helped us in obtaining wings to soar to greater heights. Therefore, at Crains Technologies despite of the size of your business you carry, we are all ready to roll and give you, "The Best".

We are hard core techies and have continuously kept the rhythm up with the super dynamics of the fast altering technology trends. This has resulted in the transmission of the best solutions for our clients'.


Company Culture

At Crains we strive to develop capabilities and environment that strategically aligns with our philosophy and our competencies. All our organizational activities, be it recruitment and hiring, training and development, or performance management are carried out keeping the same in mind. We pay special attention to:
  • Achieving objectives and promoting ownership and responsibility at all levels.
  • Achieving objectives and promoting ownership and responsibility at all levels.
  • Planning and Managing Resources: Identifying priorities in line with Crains’ strategic goals, developing suitable implementation plans, assigning resources and monitoring outcomes.
  • Promoting Change, Innovation and Learning: Establishing and fostering a culture that encourages change, innovation and continuous learning.
  • Building and Promoting Partnerships: Developing and strengthening internal and external partnerships for the mutual benefit of the participating parties.
We also focus on helping our workforce develop competency to:
  • Communicate effectively: This helps express information and ideas in a clear, concise and accurate manner; in listening actively. This also ensures that the information is shared among all the parties concerned.
  • Deliver Results: This helps produce quality results in a service-oriented and timely manner and staying true to our commitment to deliver agreed outcomes.
  • Embrace Change: It opens our people to new approaches and ideas and helps them respond positively to change and adapt quickly to new situations.
  • Respect Ethics and Values: It helps our people deliver their best staying within Crains’ professional, ethical and legal boundaries.